Ushio Ubiquity™ LED T8 Direct Wire


Ubiquity™ LED T8 Direct Wire
12.5W UBIQUITY LED T8 DW 4000K 48″

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Ubiquity™ LED T8 Direct Wire lamps offer an energy-saving retrofit solution for F32T8 fluorescent lamps and they eliminate the need for external ballasts and LED drivers.

For OEM’s and new installations all you need to do is simply connect the 120-277V line voltage directly to the tombstones. For retrofits, just bypass the existing ballast by cutting the wires and connect the 120-277V line voltage directly to the tombstones.

The Ubiquity LED T8 Direct Wire lamps have the form, fit and function of traditional T8 fluorescent lamps. These 12.5W lamps are available in a 4000K color temperature and are made with a shatterproof glass tube. Glass provides very good thermal conductivity and transparence. The tube is frosted to prevent glare and allow the 240 degree beam angle (325 degree visible light area) to create a quality lighted environment.

USHIO is proud to stand behind these 50,000 hour rated life LED lamps with a 5-year warranty.

◾Energy Saving
◾Replaces F32T8 Fluorescent Lamps
◾No Need for External Ballasts or Drivers
◾Wide Beam (240º Angle / 325º Visible Light Area)
◾Frosted to Prevent Glare
◾Instant On / No Flicker
◾Long Life: 50,000 Hours
◾Application Friendly: UV Free and IR Free
◾Environmentally Friendly: Mercury Free and Lead Free
◾5-Year Warranty

◾Fluorescent Troffers
◾Fluorescent Strips
◾Fluorescent Low Bay and High Bay
◾Office Lighting
◾School Lighting
◾Industrial Shop Lighting

Ushio direct wire T8 install guide

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